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Anno 2021 Numero 3-4

March - April 2021

Sabart expands its range

A spring full of news for Sabart, the Reggio Emilia-based company of the Emak Group, including the launch of the new Extreme line under the Forestal brand and the expansion of the range dedicated to irrigation thanks to the partnership with Cellfast, a Polish company engaged in the production of flexible hoses and garden accessories.

The Extreme Line consists of two electronic secateurs models and four technical sprays for professional use.

The EX250 and EX350 pruning shears are equipped with a 150W brushless motor and lithium-ion batteries with an autonomy of three and a half hours and a recharge time of two to three hours. Designed for use in agriculture and for park and garden maintenance, the two secateurs have interchangeable steel blades with a cutting capacity of 25 mm and 35 mm respectively.

The low weight and ergonomic handle provide a firm grip. The Extreme Line pruning shears are also characterised by a three-level opening adjustment.

The new Forestal brand products also include technical sprays for professional use: Dirty Killer, a solvent for removing dirt, resins and saps from the blades of hedge trimmers, secateurs and garden tools; Power in starter, a product that eases starting petrol or diesel engines even at low temperatures; MX40, a water-repellent lubricant and unlocking agent; Zn Zinc Spray, a galvanising varnish for protecting metal surfaces.

Finally, thanks to the agreement with Cellfast, Sabart has been distributing a wide range of irrigation accessories in Italy since March. From the classic hose with knitting to the more technical hoses for acetylene resistant to high temperatures.

by the editorial staff

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