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Agricultural mechanics: components prevail in the district of Turin

Always polarized on automotive industry, the province of Turin in Piedmont is one that, after Cuneo, can boast the highest specialization in the field of agricultural machinery with a high prevalence of the components. The focus is on businesses in the agro-energy sector

Diagnostic system innovations by Actia Italia

The Italian division of the French Actia Group has pursued work in a technical-commercial partnership with Fiat Group Automobiles. Thanks to the great autonomy of for their operations, Actia Italian has been able to consolidate activities on the Italian market through collaboration with others, including Case New Holland and Argo Tractors

Tecnomeccanica srl: innovation and safety

The Turin company has risen to the fore in the Turin industrial district through the manufacturer's application of innovative to production. Tecnomeccanica machinery is known for reliability and durability and especially for great attention to the safety of the operator

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