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Selvatici, 4.0 solutions for soil working

Selvatici of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) has implemented the Agrismart 4.0 system on its 150.150, 150.200, 180.250, 220.250, 180.350 and 220.350 series spading machines and all bivanga models in the 150.150, 180.250 and 180.350 series. This platform has been...

Spading machines, the ideal tool for difficult terrain

Thanks to the formation of medium-sized clods and especially for the absence of hardpan, the spading machine works best even on soils that are wet, or even saturated with water, or conversely on very dry and compact soils. The manufacturers of this equipment – for which Italy has a particular tradition - offer a very wide range of models for every need

Anti-clogging frame for the Selvatici 150.150 spading machine

Restyling under the hallmark of technological innovation is continuous for the Selvatici range preparing for the Paris SIMA event with the unveiling of the series 150.150 spading machines in renewed versions. The technical work performed on this line of machines...

Gramegna spading machines, great performance even

New machinery in the sector of soil preparation arriving from Gramegna – a manufacturer in Borni, near Pavia, specialized in spading machines, shredder mulchers and rotary hoes – preparing to unveil a new line of spading machines built for big...

Selvatici's solutions for Italian farmers

Selvatici in Bologna will take the stage at Eima Agrimach for the presentation of their flagship 1105 model spading machine in the 150.75 Series. This robust and compact machine is equipped with five spades and works on a width of...

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