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Selvatici, 4.0 solutions for soil working

Selvatici of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) has implemented the Agrismart 4.0 system on its 150.150, 150.200, 180.250, 220.250, 180.350 and 220.350 series spading machines and all bivanga models in the 150.150, 180.250 and 180.350 series. This platform has been...

Quality and reliability of Selvatici diggers

Diggers are in the spotlight in the Selvatici exhibition spaces at Agritechnica, where the 150.95 series models are on display for the public of technicians and operators, with their own specific characteristics and their high performance. Characterized by a three-gear...

New look for the Aeroking series by Selvatici

  At the Garden Show in Monza the spotlight is on the “prized items” of the Selvatici collection. Special attention went to the Aeroking aerator, one of the models that have made the history of the Bologna brand, which was...

SQ Sandspreaders: precise and uniform

The Sandqueen sandspreader is a brush spreader, designed and built by Selvatici located in San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna, for the precise and uniform distribution of sand, peat, soil and other granular materials on topsoil. There are four models...

Anti-clogging frame for the Selvatici 150.150 spading machine

Restyling under the hallmark of technological innovation is continuous for the Selvatici range preparing for the Paris SIMA event with the unveiling of the series 150.150 spading machines in renewed versions. The technical work performed on this line of machines...

Selvatici's solutions for Italian farmers

Selvatici in Bologna will take the stage at Eima Agrimach for the presentation of their flagship 1105 model spading machine in the 150.75 Series. This robust and compact machine is equipped with five spades and works on a width of...

Hole Digging and More With Selvatici

Bologna-based Selvatici has a series of best-selling products including digging machines and aerators, but the chief focus at Agritechnica 2013 is expected to be the new Series 80 post hole driller with a 50 cm vineyard augur.The articulated device can...

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