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Selvatici's solutions for Italian farmers

by Giacomo Di Paola
december 2013 | Back

Selvatici in Bologna will take the stage at Eima Agrimach for the presentation of their flagship 1105 model spading machine in the 150.75 Series. This robust and compact machine is equipped with five spades and works on a width of 110 cm to the maximum depth of 32 cm.

The 1105 was designed for tractors rated at 30 to 75 hp, the most widespread category on the Indian subcontinent, and especially for fully exploiting the entire spading machine. Franco Selvatici, the owner of the company located in San Lazzaro di Savena, told Mondo Macchina/MachineryWorld, “This type of work plays an extremely important role in open field operations and for vegetable crops, in extremely wet ground conditions like those in rice paddies as well as in vineyards and fruit orchards after spring pruning when this work can ensure maximum durability of the soil and optimum productivity of the plants.” The fundamental point of good spading, in fact, is in the machine's ability to avoid the creation of a hard layer which is, on the contrary, a typical negative feature of land worked using other equipment, so conditions are improved for the root apparatus.

The spading machine also enables operators to break up the soil into uniform clods to help isolate weeds, the reason farmers growing organic crops have taken on the practice in their ongoing attempt to limit weedkillers to a minimum. “Thanks to these characteristics, spading, from the point of view of agronomics as well as economy, is the ideal operation for any type of cultivation” Selvatici affirmed.

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