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Range expansion for Checchi & Magli

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

A poker of innovations that Checchi & Magli, a company specialising in the production of transplanters, is presenting at EIMA. In the foreground, on the stand of the Bologna-based company - the headquarters are in Budrio – we find the SMARTWOLF transplanter, an evolution of the WOLFPRO model, which can be equipped with six perforating cups with a distance between 25 and 150 centimetres on the row and an hourly yield of around 2000/3500 seedlings depending on the inter-plant distance. The new machine is designed to work on mulching film without drag effect; indeed, the hole created by the cups is as small as possible. The pluses of the SMARTWOLF include the parallelogram that allows a constant working depth, the adjustable opening of the cups, and the electric system for synchronised plant/plant watering. The second innovation on the Checchi & Magli stand at the Bologna event is the SEEDPRO seeding unit, designed to implement and make the SMARTWOLF and WOLF PRO transplanters more versatile. The pneumatically driven system via cardan shaft is equipped with a depressor capable of unloading the seeds directly into the transplanter's cups, thanks to a state-of-the-art phasing mechanism. Thanks to a set of discs with different sized holes depending on the seed to be used, SEEDPRO can be used with different types of seed, from pumpkin to tomato, from melon to courgette. Speed and comfort are, on the other hand, the main features of the FASTWOLF device, designed by the Emilian company's technicians to be applied to SMARTWOLF and WOLF PRO. FASTWOLF is a six-glass distributor that unload the plants directly into the transplanter's cups. In addition, operators can enjoy a more ergonomic working position and a reserve of cups ready for unloading. Checchi & Magli's latest offering concerns small farms, for which the Budrio-based company has devised a new mechanical displacement system for single-row transplanters. This option allows the element to be shifted on the frame so as to plant in trusses by going back and forth on the same track as the tractor. The transplanter equipped with a translator can be used to plant, for example, squash, courgettes, melon and watermelon in a single row, but also tomatoes, salad or strawberries in a twin row. Available in both mechanical and hydraulic versions.


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