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Trium, the versatile high performance transplanter

by Fabrizio Sereni
April 2016 | Back

The Trium transplanter is one of the premium products from Checchi & Magli in Budrio, near Bologna, specializing in the manufacture of machinery for transplanting. This top of the range semi-automatic model ensures total control ideal for conical and pyramidal shaped peat-ball rooted seedlings with strongly developed leaves, such as tobacco, tomatoes and cabbage, and combines top-flight performance and extreme precision in planting seedlings in the best possible way. The Trium transplanter is available in 1 to 8 row versions and features as standard equipment a 10-cup distributor with continuous rotation, for production at 4,500/5,000 plants/hour per row while providing great comfort for the operator. Another strong point for the Checchi & Magli Trium is the wealth of accessories offered for modifying the basic version to adapt the machine for specific operations required. Among the manufacturer’s options are rubber flex packing wheels for work on damp and clayey soils, the Sincomicro, a device which enables the operator to leave a small adjustable dose of a microgranular antiparasite product on line or for each individual plant in a precise and efficient way as well as continuous fertilization and a mechanical transmission. On request, are a towed frame for reduced compaction, ideal for low power tractors, automatic regulation of the frame with a servo-assist electro-hydraulic control and a skid for work on very soft and dry soils combined with ridging wheels. All considered, the Checchi & Magli Trium has all its cards in order for making a big difference for transplanting with elevated performance, precision and versatility.  

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