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Merlo: High Capacity brand new models

by Giacomo Di Paola
March/April 2022 | Back

New entry for Merlo's High Capacity telehandlers. The range, designed for the most demanding operations and for handling heavy loads, sees the update of two models: the TF50.8 and the TF45.11, which replace those of equal capacity in Merlo's range. The TF50.8 and TF45.11 are the most compact models in the High Capacity range, and are equipped with axles fitted with planetary reduction gears, which enable them to perform fast and precise work. This makes them suitable for a wide range of uses, from industrial to mining and agricultural applications. Here are some of the key features of these two newcomers to the Merlo range.

Hi-Flow hydraulic technology. This is a latest-generation hydraulic distributor associated with a high-flow hydraulic pump, which, in addition to the usual functions of hydraulic distributors, provides new ones such as gravity lowering, vertical lift, set point (storage of working configurations), floating management and continuous oil delivery to the services. "These features - the Cuneo-based manufacturer explains in a statement - make daily operations even faster and easier."

Eco Power Drive. It uses an electronic power management system that takes into account both the engine parameters (speed, power curves, torque and consumption) and the condition in which the telehandler is operating (speed, weight, uphill/downhill gradient, any towed loads) to ensure the necessary torque is available to overcome resistance to forward movement, thus minimising engine revolutions. On Merlo's High Capacity models, Merlo offers the most equipped version of the EPD, called Plus. In addition to the advantages offered by the standard version, it includes a selector that allows three different operating modes to be set: Heavy Load (for maximum performance), Eco (optimises performance in relation to fuel consumption and can be used for light operations) and Speed Control (sets and maintains a constant forward speed regardless of changing operating conditions).

Self-accelerating capacitive joystick. Improves control ergonomics, reduces operator fatigue and increases daily productivity. Two integrated sensors automatically detect the presence of the operator's hand, thus optimising the use of the device. The joystick features proportional boom controls (and a travel direction selector) that allow the operator to manoeuvre quickly and safely. The cross-shaped movements of the joystick (transversal and longitudinal) allow the boom movement functions (lifting/lowering, platform rotation) to be implemented. With the joystick, it is also possible to automatically increase the speed of the diesel engine without increasing the forward speed. This technology allows a further reduction in consumption as the engine speed is at its lowest when the hydraulic system is not being used.

MCVTRONIC continuously variable transmission. Combines the advantages of hydrostatic transmissions with the performance and efficiency of a CVT gearbox.The transmission consists of two hydrostatic motors with axial pistons that are fed by the electronically controlled hydraulic pump. At low working speeds they act together to provide maximum torque. During transport, the second motor is automatically switched off by the control system and the oil from the pump feeds the main hydrostatic motor, which drives the vehicle up to maximum speed.

ASCS safety system. The Adaptive Stability Control System (ASCS) regulates the speed and maximum amount of machine movement based on three operating parameters: load being moved, position of the load, type of implement in use. When the operating stability limit is reached, the system reduces the speed of the arm and then stops the movement completely. In this phase all movements towards a fully safe condition are allowed. This means that the telescopic handler is never blocked, optimising working time and simplifying the use of the machine even for less experienced users.


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