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Merlo: High Capacity brand new models

New entry for Merlo's High Capacity telehandlers. The range, designed for the most demanding operations and for handling heavy loads, sees the update of two models: the TF50.8 and the TF45.11, which replace those of equal capacity in Merlo's range....

Telescopic handlers in the spotlight

EIMA International showcases the best technologies for every type of machine and every type of work. Moreover, the Bologna event is also an opportunity to monitor the development trends of the various categories of vehicles. Among these, the telescopic handler...

Manitou, ergonomic and high-performance telehandlers

At the Manitou stand at EIMA International, visitors can discover the new MLT 961-160 V+L NewAgXL range of telescopic handlers, powered by a four-cylinder 156 hp Yanmar Stage V engine. Designed for agricultural use, these machines can lift up to...

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