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Telescopic handlers in the spotlight

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

EIMA International showcases the best technologies for every type of machine and every type of work. Moreover, the Bologna event is also an opportunity to monitor the development trends of the various categories of vehicles. Among these, the telescopic handler category deserves special attention.

Designed and manufactured by specialist companies - including Dieci, Faresin, Giant, Kramer, Manitou, Merlo and New Holland - these machines have enjoyed growing popularity among companies and farmers, who increasingly appreciate their versatility.

As shown by the data processed by FederUnacoma on the basis of the records provided by the Ministry of Transport, in the last three years the demand for agricultural lifts has always been very lively. The growth phase began in 2019 when sales reached almost 900 units, marking an increase of +24% compared to the previous year, and continued in 2020 with 956 vehicles sold (+6% on 2019). But it is in the first eight months of 2021 that growth surpassed all expectations. Indeed, between January and August this year no less than 1,046 vehicles were registered (+87%) - a number higher than in previous years at the end of December - and they are set to consolidate this excellent trend in the coming months.

The success of this particular type of machine is mainly due to its versatility, as it is a multifunctional mechanical vehicle. With their wide range of accessories, these machines can be used for applications ranging from handling to lifting materials, from towing trailers to shoveling snow, right up to working with towed equipment (for haymaking, for example).

EIMA 2021 offers the opportunity to discover the wide range of technological innovations that manufacturers are presenting to the general public at the event.

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