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One more award for Merlo's e-Worker

by the editorial staff
October - November 2020 | Back

A new award for Merlo Group's multi-award-winning e-Worker electric telehandler. After receiving the gold medal for the Samoter Innovation Award in Verona and the Grand Prix Matériel in Paris, the Cuneo Group wins the Technical Mention at EIMA International 20/21 for its all-electric applied transmission. The innovative transmission introduces software that controls both the torque and the rotation of the individual motors placed on the wheels, to ensure the correct speed of each wheel in all possible operating conditions of the handler. Furthermore, in the event of slippage of the front inner wheel, the others always maintain the required rotation speed and the torque necessary to perform the task correctly. To exploit the full potential of the electric units, but at the same time limit power consumption in continuous operations, the machine is equipped with a control system that monitors the vehicle's instant and average energy consumption.
e-Worker - reads a note released by the company - is prized for eliminating noise and polluting emissions, for the increase in manoeuvrability in confined spaces, and for the reduction of operating costs (compared to diesel models). The new range offered by the manufacturer from San Defendente (Cuneo) is suitable for working in environments with small manoeuvring spaces, such as stables, warehouses, material sheds, underground industries and applications. It also provides full operation and traction even in off-road situations related to municipalities, agriculture, construction and landfills. Made with a 100% electric power supply, the e-Worker range, which combines the performance of a traditional handler with the consumption and small dimensions of an industrial forklift, comes in two-wheel drive (the 25.5-60 model) and four-wheel drive (25.5-90 model). 


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