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Merlo's M600TD, in electric version

by Fabrizio Sereni
February 2022 | Back

The new M600TD-e Full Electric transporter marks another step in the range innovation strategy that Merlo has called Generation Zero: zero emissions, zero noise and zero fossil fuel consumption. These are eco-friendly models with very low environmental impact, which, as the Piedmontese manufacturer explains in a technical note, have nothing to envy their counterparts with internal combustion engines. The M600TD-e Full Electric therefore follows the path traced at EIMA 2021 by the eWorker telehandler, the first Merlo telehandler with 100% electric power. Built on the basis of the attachment models in the range, the M600TD-e Full Electric features a maximum load capacity of 600 kilogrammes and can reach a working speed of 3 or 5 kilometres per hour in Eco or Power3 mode. The dimensions are those of a super-compact - the width is 750 millimetres while the maximum height does not exceed 1200 millimetres, with a weight of only 500 kilogrammes - and are ideal for operating even in the tightest spaces. M600TD-e Full Electric is equipped with 2 electric motors, one for each track, powered by 7500 watt-hour, 48-volt lithium-ion batteries, with 4-hour runtime. Very competitive charging times: only three hours directly from the mains. Another plus of this model is the ability to overcome very steep longitudinal and transverse slopes (35% in the first case, 20% in the second). To control and operate the attachments (the fixing frame optimizes their replacement procedures), the Cuneo-based manufacturer has provided an efficient auxiliary hydraulic pump of 5 litres per minute. Commercialization of the M600TD-e Full Electric conveyor will start in a few months. According to Merlo, the new electric model will be available in late 2022 or early next year.


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