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Merlo, advanced systems and new products in the range

The new products presented at Agritechnica 2013 by Merlo are the achievements of a new production system. All the innovations unwrapped in Hanover will become available across the entire range of telescopic handlers manufactured by the Piedmont company, beginning with the Turboframer and the Multifarmer

by the editorial staff
december 2013 | Back

A new generation of telescopic handlers was unveiled by Merlo at Agritechnica 2013, all innovative in development, design and production. The production plant in Cuneo has been totally renovated to accommodate these new technologies so that production can be automatized to increase the quality level for the customer and provide the most innovative contents on even the most compact telehandlers. Each main part of the machine will be sub-assembled and fully tested in order to obtain the maximum quality, before being transferred to the main line for final assembly. At the end of the line the telehandler is complete, customized and duly tested. The aim of this product revolution is to speed up the ordering and assembly process, increase quality and efficiency, and make all contents available at every level in order to keep Merlo among the leading brands in terms of optimum quality, innovative products and excellent manufacturing solutions with cross-range technologies. Technologies that will be available across the whole range have been developed to maintain the Merlo mission in terms of safety, efficiency, comfort and productivity. These solutions will be implemented first on the Turbofarmer and the Multifarmer models previewed at Agritechnica, and then on all the new launches.
Among these technologies applied by Merlo to their telehandlers is the fully automatic M CDC (Dynamic Load Control) system which takes account of movements and the weight lifted with the help of a sensor. With an optional monitor, operators can also keep track of what is happening to their rear of the handlers to further enhance safety. Another feature attracting attention in Hanover was the EPD (Eco Power Drive) unit for reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%. The device operates in three manual modes: Transport and Tow for minimum fuel consumption; Heavy Load for maximum performance during demanding digging or snow clearance; Inching for moving in tight spaces. The accelerator is linked to the EPD unit and regulates engine rpm according to specific fuel savings parameters during different work conditions. On the side of operator comfort, all new Merlo models will come with all new cabs a generous 105 cm in width and which conform to ROP-FOP (rollover protection and falling object protection) standards. The ergonomics have been designed so that all the main instruments are centered and on view for the driver who will have nearby a joystick mounted on the steering column for reversing driving direction without taking hands off the wheel. The cab will also be available in a CS (Suspended Cab) version for absorbing vibrations arriving from the frame thanks to the very sensitive hydraulic suspension and will ensure the reduction of noise levels by about two decibels. Another important innovation is the MCVTronic hydrostatic transmission. The unit is made up of two hydrostatic motors which work together at low speeds to provide maximum torque and then, during transport, one motor is automatically disactivated for greater efficiency. In this mode, all hydrostatic power is transmitted to the motor at work for reaching a maximum speed of 50 km/h. This solution ensures fluid and steady acceleration without interruption of torque even in demanding work condition. New for the Turbofarmer range, to be completed with the arrival of the Heavy-Duty family, is the FT50.58T CS mounting a Tier IIIB power plant at 155 hp, a rear 135 hp mechanical PTO and a rear hook and bar for towing up to 20 tons. The 8 meter telescopic boom, ideal for moving materials, has a lift capacity of 5 tons. This new machine was designed for operations involving livestock raising and handling biogas. Arriving in the Medium-Duty Turbofarmer green range is the TF40.7 with 120 or 155 hp engines which can be equipped with a mechanical PTO, unlike the earlier model, and draw on the benefits available across the entire range, including the suspended cab. In the Multifarmer range, an all new model is coming out. The 40.9 is designed for great versatility with a boom with high lift capacity of up to 4 tons and an extension of 9 meters to make the machine ideal for all farming operations. The new machine is powered by a 3B/Tier 4 Interim at 155 hp, equipped with rear hydraulic lift handling 7 tons plus rear III category three point linkage, a PTO connection with 135 hp and a tow hook and bar and rear hydraulics. In the cab, all the main controls are located on a special armrest to ensure top-level comfort and convenience for the operator.


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