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Kubota, the versatility of LX tractors

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2021 | Back

From snow removal and mowing to material handling and tillage, a single tractor line-up for a multitude of jobs.

This is the Kubota LX range, which consists of four new versatile and compact models powered by Kubota's Stage V engine, which in turn is equipped with CRS, EGR and DPF anti-pollution systems. The LX-351 Rear Arc and LX-351 Cab tractors have an output of 35 horsepower and feature a three-range HST transmission, while the more vigorous LX-401 Rear Arc and LX-401 Cab tractors generate up to 40 horsepower and feature a three-range HST transmission.

These machines offer high performance and agile manoeuvring. The pluses of the LX series include the bi-speed function, the quick steering system that allows the tractor to turn quickly in tight spaces and a newly designed transmission. Comfort has been improved with a new interior designed to reduce noise. Cab accessibility has also been modified and the controls have been redesigned. Finally, the auto-throttle function has been designed to allow operators to control the rpm via the single pedal.

Kubota has also included the new LA545 front loader in the LX range, with optional self-levelling system and Swift tach function that allows the loader to be easily attached and detached from the cab without getting out of the cab.


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