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LXe-261, Kubota's electric tractor

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

LXe-261, Kubota's first compact electric tractor, is coming to Europe. The Japanese agricultural mechanization multinational highlights that the machine - shown at EIMA International - is designed to meet current environmental standards and will be available for rental in Europe (starting in 2023). By distributing a limited number of LXe-261 compact electric tractors in Europe, Kubota Corporation emphasizes its commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In its policy supporting the environment, launched in 2021, Kubota highlights its commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. To this end, Kubota is switching to electric, hybrid and fuel-cell engines in an effort to decarbonize energy sources and reduce CO2emissions. A growing number of European markets are tightening regulations, such as the announced ban on all diesel vehicles in Paris, France, by 2024. This has prompted local municipalities and other public agencies to find alternatives, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs). Because of these trends, Kubota has researched and developed electric tractors while conducting some tests in Paris. This is a significant strategic shift for Kubota in Europe, as it targets vital market segments such as municipalities and other public agencies that have been investing in Kubota's range of compact tractors, utility vehicles, and ride-on mowers for park maintenance and grounds care operations for many years. One of the main challenges in the electric tractor development is the range and operating time. This is why the LXe-261 is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can provide one-hour fast charging and three- to four-hour continuous operation. This feature lets operators quickly recharge batteries during lunch breaks and continue working in the afternoon without wasting time. DemoGreen The LXe-261 includes key features for mowing, transport, and other green management tasks, such as an independent PTO, convenient HST transmission, and several hydraulic outlets. Everything is in compact dimensions, making this model extremely affordable. After the release, the rental policy offered by Kubota will cover several European countries (France, Germany, the UK, and Italy primarily) and will have a contract duration ranging from 2 to 5 years.

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