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Anno 2018 Numero 7-9

July - August - September 2018

MGX, the new Kubota tractors

Performance, comfort and manoeuvrability are the strengths of the new MGX Kubota tractors, a line consisting of five models with eight-speed Powershift transmission over three ranges (high, medium and low) for a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The Powershift transmission of the Japanese brand provides, among other things, an automatic mode, thanks to which the user is no longer forced to make gear changes because the tractor does it for him. Powered by the sturdy V6108 and V3800 engines, the latest additions to the Kubota range come with an even more powerful hydraulic system, suitable for heavy equipment, which gives the operator the ability to control the flow directly from the driver’s seat. The high-capacity pumps are also new, implemented by the manufacturer to improve the hydraulic system’s general response to workloads, while the lifting and flow capacity - both very generous, respectively equal to about 6100 kilos and 133/143 litres per minute - ensure top-level performance with every type of equipment. However, the innovations do not end here, because the MGX Kubota tractors also include important innovations in terms of safety.  In this case, we are talking about the Operator Presence Control system (which activates an alarm signal and an LED warning light when the driver leaves the seat without having applied the parking brake), the brake fault indicator, and the double-line trailer brake. The 150A alternator is also new, now sturdier, to meet the power requirements of the new technologies introduced on the MGX range. Another item that deserves mention is the cabin. Substantially restyled compared to previous models, the driver’s seat stands out for the front bezel and the bonnet shape, both redesigned, but above all for the wide view of the working area (we should point out the two telescopic mirrors) and the marked ergonomics of the controls, located to the right of the operator’s seat. All this because - a Kubota technical note explains - on board the MGX range, comfort is standard.

by Giacomo Di Paola

Keywords: Kubota
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