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Celli: on stage at EIMA the MAXI combined harrow

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

Celli is launching two new products at EIMA 2022: the MAXI fixed harrow equipped for combined use with a pneumatic seed drill and the SCORPIO S flail mower. The MAXI fixed harrow, which features a 3-meter model at the show, is designed to work the soil and seed in a single pass, thus reducing both fuel consumption and working time. The new fixed power harrow signed Celli is, first of all, characterized by its boxed frame.

The frame," the Forlì-based company explains, "is made of thick welded sheet metal that ensures the proper rigidity and correct alignment of the transmission components under all working conditions. It is also equipped with high-strength transmission organs.

Compared to previous models, Celli has redesigned the lower area of the equipment, thus improving soil flow and wear resistance (also as a result of newly designed lower axle guards).

In the mulcher segment, the Forlì-based company is showcasing the SCORPIO S model, the largest in the Celli range, with working widths of up to 2.5 meters and suitable for a maximum power output of 100 Hp.

SCORPIO S is equipped with rams for side shifting (60 centimeters) and a rear roller or, upon request, self-steering rear wheels. 


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