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TORO ISOTRONIC, the high-tech harrow from Maschio Gaspardo

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Time for news at Maschio Gaspardo. On the occasion of the 44rd edition of EIMA International, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) is launching a new folding power harrow with Isobus communication system. The TORO ISOTRONIC, developed from the TORO RAPIDO PLUS model, will be presented to the general public at the Bologna exhibition with numerous constructional solutions designed to improve the machine's performance and durability. The most significant innovation is the introduction of the ISOBUS communication system, which allows the operator to manage the implement via the tractor's terminal and to monitor - in real time - all the working parameters. Obviously these parameters can be set and modified according to specific work requirements.

The main functions of the harrow are managed by a system of sensors distributed throughout the machine; in particular, the user can monitor the absorbed power, the temperature of the oil in the gearboxes, the rotation speed of the rotors, and the slip of the cardan shafts. And that's not all because, thanks to this technology from the Padua-based company, it is also possible to check the actual working depth, the misalignment of the rollers, the correct positioning of the cardan joints when closing (with the “Salvacardani” cardan protection system, a Maschio Gaspardo patent), and the hours and hectares worked. All these systems increase the efficiency of use of the equipment, allowing the user to make the most of it and extend the useful life of all the mechanical components and lubricants.

TORO ISOTRONIC's innovative solutions not only concern the electronic compartment but also the mechanical profile of the machine. The reinforced frame, structural improvements and new bearings for the roller range (it's no coincidence that the Veneto-based company has named them "armoured") enhance the harrow's resistance to structural stress and protect it from contamination. The oil recirculation system is also new, using a tank inside the top link yoke, operated by a gear pump. From a reduction in the operating temperatures of the central gearbox to a reduced degradation of the oil properties, from an increase in the oil change interval to a reduced risk of machine downtime, the advantages deriving from this solution have a great impact on the operator's daily work. Obviously on board the TORO ISOTRONIC there had to be some of the most popular technologies of the Padua-based company, such as the air cooling of the central gearboxes, the quick release system of the 16 mm blades, the transmission body reinforced with high-strength steel and equipped with a double box structure (the thickness of the inner and outer plates is - respectively - 6 and 5 mm).

Awarded the prestigious prize of Technical Innovation 2021, the new Maschio Gaspardo harrow can be paired with tractors up to 400 Hp and is available with three working widths: 5, 6 and 7 metres. The maximum refinement depth is hydraulically adjustable up to 28 cm by means of the roller drive. For a more balanced combination, TORO ISOTRONIC can be paired with BARRA CENTAURO and front hopper PA 2 thanks to the COMBI coupling. In this way it is possible to carry out soil refinement, seeding and fertilisation operations in a single pass.





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