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The Cultirapid PRO, MA/AG technology for minimum tilling

Arriving new to Agritechnica is the MA/AG Cultirapid PRO designed for various types of operations with a single passage and perfect capabilities on all soil conditions

by the editorial staff
November 2015 | Back

The Clutirapid PRO is the name of a new combine cultivator for minimum tilling for the final preparation of seedbeds the manufacturer, MA/AG, is presenting at the Hanover trade fair. The machine was developed with an eye on conservation farming so it was designed for sod seeding in compliance with minimum tilling techniques. The new Cultirapid was created as a variant of the traditional Cultirapid built by MA/AG as the PRO model for various types of operations with a single passage. Thanks to the feature of independent regulation of groups of tools and selectively excluding them, the machine can be perfectly adapted for all terrain conditions and the agronomic requirements of the crop.

The five working components of the machine are: a front mounted convex toothed discs in boron steel with tilt adjustment in different positions for cutting the soil and crop residues to mix them on the surface; intermediate disc mounts equipped with convex boron steel discs with tilt adjustment for mixing the surface soil; rear decompaction using Michel H.600 type curved anchors mounted on an independent frame with hydraulic parallelogram adjustment for depth with the anchors at work to break up the deepest soil; the job of refining the bedding soil is performed by two disc mounts for self-cleaning star/wavy discs which ensure levelling of the soil; a ring roller which can be replaced with a cage, a packer or in steel for settling the soil. The rhombus configuration of the two disc sets, patented by MA/AG, is an innovation over the traditional X arrangement. The special layout of these working components guarantee a perfect soil mix for an excellent seedbed and a substantial reduction of the power requirement. The fast speed of operation at 10/20 km/h means speedy work to reduce the costs of operations by ensuring an hourly yield of 4/7 hectares. The depth of the work of the anchors goes down to 20/30 cm maximum and the star disc group down to 5/15 cm.  

The tool is available with a hydraulically foldable frame down to 2.55 m semi-mounted or towed for road transport. The working widths vary from 4 to 6 m, for a required power from 250 to 400 Hp. The Cultirapid PRO on display at Agritechnica is the 4 meter version with the sod seeding minimum tilling configuration on the CTRI 40 PRO model.



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