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Cultirapid EVO, built specifically for minimum tilling

by the editorial staff
January 2014 | Back

MA/AG is arriving in Verona with an interesting new product called the Cultirapid EVO  designed for working the soil and preparing seed beds according to the tenets of conservation agriculture and built for sod seeding with the minimum tilling technique. Featured at Fieragricola will be the four meter model, the CTRI 40 EVO CP, decompacting subsoiler with anchors type approved for travel on public roads. This machine, towed or semi-mounted, carries a single beam fixed frame on which the working implements are mounted. The use of a new modular frame will central wheels makes it possible to shorten the overall length of the machine to facilitate work in the field and road transport. The subsoiling and soil finishing operations are handled by a front decompactor with Michel type anchors, the initial use of notched convex discs which can be regulated for various inclinations on the adjustable spring compensation and then the use of a double self-cleaning star levelling roller. The Cultirapid EVO finishes the operation with a cage roller which further refines the soil and settles it. The configuration of the two disc sets for operations is a rhombus, patented by MA/AG. This configuration allows the soil to be given an optimum mix and work plain and means that the powered required is reduced. The Cultirapid EVO can also be deployed for operations  on chopped maize stalks, and on standing maize, grain and rice stalks without clogging the working implements. In all cases, the stalks and root apparatus are given sharp cuts and mixed with the top layer of soil. The high speed at which this work is performed, 7/15 km/hr, makes it possibly to operate quickly and reduce costs with an hourly yield of 4/7 hectares. The anchors work to the depth of 15/30 cm and the star disc group down to 5/15 cm. The work width varies from 4 to 6 meters and the power requires ranges from 200 to 300 HP. 

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