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Maschio Gaspardo: the new Corona 400 seed drill

by the editorial staff
July - September 2014 | Back

The Corona 400 is the new folding combination seed drill signed by Maschio Gaspardo. This four-meter folding version combines discs, roller and seeder to bring together soil preparation, the consolidation of the seedbed and depositing the seeds in one single pass. This means the working speed is elevated to between 8 and 14 km/h for an exponential increase in daily productivity. The new Corona is built on a sturdy frame, features high clearance for the implements working the soil and notched discs 510 mm in diameter, already warmly welcomed by customers who have chosen the Corona six-meter model. The new Maschio Gaspardo seed drill is also highly versatile; the machine can perform operations from conventional seeding following tillage to direct seed drilling through stubble. The roller assembly and large tires one meter in diameter staggered and well-distanced on a parallelogram arrangement ensure the perfect consolidation of the seedbed and prevent clogging during work on damp soil. The Perfecta seeding bar is built with parallelogram connecting rods over two well-spaced ranks, equipped with double staggered discs with a 370 mm diameter and a rear wheel to control seed depth and compression. The Perfecta strong point is the pressure and depth independent adjustment of the bar through two independent controls that equally regulate the front and rear ranks. These features guarantee extreme precision for the uniform deposit of seeds on any soil type at any speed. Precise seed distribution is guaranteed by the Gaspardo Flexeed system, managed by the ISOBUS control unit, which allows extreme precision in seeding. According to the tractor on which the Corona is mounted, the seed drill can be operated off the tractor instrument panel or through a control monitor for managing all the machine's operations.



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