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Greater efficiency with Matermacc "Twin Row" seed drills

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

Matermacc of San Vito a Tagliamento (Pordenone) will be presenting a trio of new products at Eima International 2014. They start with Twin Row seed drills, multi-purpose tools capable of a wide range of uses, thus considerably reducing the time required to amortise the cost of purchase. Twin Row machines can be used to sow maize, soy, sorghum and rape with the same row spacing, without having to change either the tractor tread setting or the application setting. In this range the company from Friuli has envisaged various different configurations, from the 4x2 row all the way up to the 12x2 row, via the new 8x2 row seed drill with hydraulic folding frame and an on-road width of 3 m. Particularly worthy of note is the MS 8250 TWIN, which received a mention in the "Technical Novelties" competition. The MSD 2.0, on the other hand, is a pneumatic seed drill for winter crops, which retains the strong points of its predecessor (the MSD) but with improved abilities and performance. The MSD 2.0 seed drill is available with working widths of from 3 to 6 metres and features the ability to be fitted with a Suffolk coulter unit, a single disk unit or a double disk unit; the latter two versions can be fitted with a depth control device to regulate the sowing depth, thanks to the jointed mechanism to which the disk itself is fixed, which determines the working depth of the coulter unit precisely. The design of the hopper has also been modified (it is now even larger: up to 1600 litres) as has that of the planting units, on which it is now possible to adjust loading individually. The third new product is the MS-PT seed drill, designed by Matermacc's technical staff to reduce the amount of power required from the tractor by one third, thus giving a considerable economic saving for the user. It is currently available in the fixed frame version, destined for European markets and not for the Italian market, due to its working dimensions when on the road. However, Matermacc is in the process of preparing another model with a hydraulic folding front frame, in line with the requirements of the Italian highway code.



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