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Operations: the importance of hoeing machines

For achieving excellent cultivation, especially for widespread crops, the careful aeration of the soil surface is required. There are differing technological solutions for this operation for various soil types and the specific requirements for each crop. The Italian industry markets a wide range of models which combine efficiency and flexibility

Mechanical and ecological, the weeder according to Badalini

The manufacturer Badalini takes great pride their machines for soil working and especially for weeding as demonstrated by the innovative Biodiserbatrice (Bioweeder) created by the Mantua company for a market increasingly attentive to respect of the environment, the health of...

The Progress hoeing machines, designed for heavy duty operations

Fissore in Marene is a manufacturer of reference in the Cuneo industrial district which exports nearly half its production to major markets in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Canada. The company assigns its success to an intelligent entrepreneurial...

Versatile and innovative the new Lamola hoeing machine

The Puglia manufacturer Lamola Costruzioni Meccaniche in Torremaggiore in the Foggia Province, specializing in soil preparation machinery, has brought to market a weeder designed to adapt to any inter-row cultivation and guarantee the best precision operations possible. The new weeder...

Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines, reliable and efficient

Reliability and great work capacity on the one hand and, on the other, agility in maneuvers and versatility are the winning features of Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines with a range designed for inter-row operations with two fixed frame models, the HL...

Rotosark, the new hoeing machine by Oliver

The Rotosark is a hoeing machine designed and built by the Veneto Oliver manufacturer in Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona to incorporate in one machine operations performed by three, an aerator, a ridger and, of course a mechanical weeder, designed...

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