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Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines, reliable and efficient

by Fabrizio Sereni
March - April 2017 | Back

Reliability and great work capacity on the one hand and, on the other, agility in maneuvers and versatility are the winning features of Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines with a range designed for inter-row operations with two fixed frame models, the HL and HR, and two folding models, the HP and HS. These are the models in the lineup:

HL. This fixed frame row crop cultivator is equipped for operations from of up to 6 meters and from 2 to 12 rows for adapting to differing work requirements. This machine is designed for farming which has no need for reducing its size for road transport and is welcomed on the market for its quality-price ratio.

HR. The HR row crop cultivator stands out for high productivity. The fixed frame is built with two independent sections to allow uniform work even on irregular terrain which is not level. Selecting between integrated or independent bodywork allows the machine to be reduced to 3 meters for road clearance. Because all the HR components are independent, weeding can be adapted to the profile of the land as well as to uneven terrain. The hoeing machine is available in a light version for road transport with an optional trolley with steering wheels.

HP. The HP is built with a folding frame with wings which can be closed manually or hydraulically down to 2.5 meters for road transport. Thanks to allowing this cultivator to be converted for 4 to 6 row operations, the HP can be adapted for all row crops.

HS. The HS is the Maschio-Gaspardo flagship model in this range, a professional row-crop cultivator that features high autonomy, thanks to the big hopper also available in stainless steel, and a reduced road clearance (2.5 m). The pneumatic delivery of the fertilizer on the side rows assures uniform distribution. The hydraulic closing of the wings guarantees maximum comfort for the operator. Another HS strong point is that a special kit allows this model can be mounted on the front of the tractor. 

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