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Primo EW Isotronic, the 4.0 fertilizer spreader

by Giacomo Di Paola
March 2020 | Back

Primo EW Isotronic, Maschio Gaspardo’s mounted electric spreader, wins “Innovation Leaf”, the prize assigned by Fieragricola and the “Informatore Agrario” to the most innovative machinery for their economic and environmental sustainability, manufacturing quality, end user’s ease of use. The new spreader, developed by the Veneto based company (its headquarters is in Campodarsego, in the Paduan area), has a software platform allowing to manage all the high precision settings: from the delivery of the variable rate fertilizer (VR) to the distribution unity in order to obtain high-quality distribution models. On the other hand, the dosage control is managed by a high precision load cell while the fertilizer flow is regulated by an eccentric shaker and a double damper system. The fertilizer’s drop hole has an innovative design which (the shape has three lobes) which ensures a homogeneous diffusion of the product even with very low volumes. The manufacturer explains with a technical note that to optimize the quality of the processes it is possible to anticipate or postpone the fertilizer’s drop point in the disc. Furthermore, thanks to the Spreader Smart Set function of the “My Maschio Gaspardo” App, the user can manage all the settings of the spreader via smartphone. All he needs to do is enter the specific machinery model to have the correct parameters and a quick summary of the fertilizer specifications used. The preferred settings can be saved to ensure a quick setting every time the application needs to be restarted. Among the various Primo EW Isotronic’s plus there is also aesthetics - the machinery is recognizable by its decisive and captivating lines - conceived by Maschio Gaspardo’s R&D department and by the Italian School of Design (SID) to appeal to users paying attention both to the performance and the look of their work tools. Maschio Gaspardo’s electric spreader is proposed with a 2.85 or 2.53 meter hopper, with a load capacity ranging between a minimum of 1,270 and a maximum of 3,210 liters, and with two discs to vary the range from 12 at 36 meters.


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