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Agritechnica: a wide Maschio Gaspardo range

The Padua manufacturer brought a wide range of seed drills, sprayers and plows to Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover, all with innovative technologies to make this machinery more productive and versatile at work in the field

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2017 | Back

As usual, the Maschio Gaspardo Group arrived in force to Agritechnica with important new products. Chrono. Is a planting unit for precision seeding able to work at speeds of up to 15 km/h. This winner of a SMAU prize for innovation, this planter is equipped with an aluminum distributor with electric operation. The seeds are lodged in the chamber and driven out on a concave disc located on the side of the chamber to enter a pneumatic device which drives the seeds into the furrows at high speed. A photocell under the chamber monitors the speed of the fall while a cover disc in soft self-cleaning rubber sets the seed precisely in the drop point.

The Chromo is fitted with a device which attracts the seed through depression to transfer to to the furrow with a strong blast of air using a technology developed by the Padua manufacturer for reducing transport time and uniform trajectories for the fall of the seed.

GP1. This is a mounted sprayer built by Maschio Gaspardo after the acquisition of the sprayer three years ago. These models are available with tanks with capacities of 1,200, 1,500 and 1,800 liters and booms extending 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30 meters in length. The GP1 sprayers can be deployed for many differing operations thanks to the range of options offered for increasing performance and ensure precise and accurate plant treatments.

Of special interest are automatic section control used for avoiding overlap and obstacles and the variable dosage distributor which optimizes treatments according to need. A “distance control” optic system makes it possible to maintain the boom paralled to the terrain even at high speed and on hilly land.

Corona X-Force Sc. This machine is a planter combine which first performs as a mechanical weeder with a rubber roller equipped with 12 pneumatic devices and a seeding boom mounted on Silent Blocks. The seeding combination by Maschio Gaspardo is a good compromise of work capabilities and seeding in all operating conditions. Moreover, the Corona X-Force Sc is versatile and ensures high productivity in refining the terrain and burying crop residues. Built for medium size crop lands, the planter is equipped with a double disc with a 180 mm diameter and a rear roller for controlling the depth of work and closing the furrows with great precision and uniformity. The pressurized 4,100 liter tank makes it possible for feeding seeds and fertilizer to the distributors which remain equivalent during the seeding as guaranteed by greater autonomy of operations with 2,460 liters of of seend and for 1,640 liters of fertilizer.  

Unico. The Unico range of exoskeletal plows are equipped with a Smooth Set parallelogram which reduces the time needed to set up the implement and improves precision in the field. In fact, aside from possible variations in work width, the parallelogram makes it possible to maintain the plow lined up with the setting originally selected by the operator and the first following body. The parallelogram also limits stress on the frame and head and regulates the first body even when the plow is moving without altering the trajectory of the tractor trailing it. 



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