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New Maschio Gaspardo models for productivity and safety

From a self-propelled digestate burier to a three-steering axle dumper, a geometric variable roundbaler and an on-furrow plow, these are some of the Padua group's candidates in their new ranges to take the spotlight on statge at EIMA International

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

Maschio Gaspardo is taking the occasion of the Bologna exposition for a world preview of a number of the group’s new products.

In detail, the Talpa (Mole) is a self-propelled digestate burier built for the purpose of taking advantage of biomass plants for the generation of energy as well as for the use of livestock digestate for fertilization purposes in place of traditional products. Maschio Gaspardo explained, “There have always been obstacles to using the value of digestate for agronomic purposes by what was the decidedly complicated management of the product and by the fact that it needed intervals of reduced applications.” The note issued by the group said, “For this reason we have created an innovative machine capable of exploiting this material for the distribution of nutrients over the periods when the plants are most receiptive during the maize growth process.” The Talpa self-propelled burier carrying the Unigreen brand name is designed for the distribution of the nutrients in a time window within which the product is most beneficial for the development of maize, that is, when the stalks reach the height of 50 cm. With ample ground clearance, the giant 6WD burier – 9.5 m long, 2.5 m wide and 4 m high weighing as much as 26 ton with a full load – works with full respect on the crop by preserving the integrity of the plants. The manufacturer said that in spite of the great size of the unit the self-propelled machine is agile with an internal turning radius of slightly more than 4 m with specific pressure of only 2.8km/cm² for the 6 wheels to reduce compaction to a minimum.

The Unico is a new on-furrow mounted plow featuring a special parallelogram, in hardened steel, and linkage designed to speed up settings and improve accuracy of tillage on field. Available with two to six bodies and power requirements from 80 to 280 HP, the Unico is equipped with Smooth Set parallelogram technology allowing the operator to maintain the preliminary adjustment for the first furrow and pull line and apply many other technical solutions to make it possible to tune the plow to any soil, residue condition or working depth and regulate the pull of the tractor to improve the quality of towing and combine a lighter implement.

The Extreme HTU is coming along for presentation in the geometric variable Extreme range from Feraboli, which recently joined the Maschio Gaspardi group. The great new feature for the HTU version is the Ultracut rotary feeder with a high number of blades enabling hay to be cut at either 45 or 90mm lenghs. This models, of course, confirm all the winning technologies built into the other Extreme balers beginning with the combined action of two arms which counter the hydraulic compression determining the size of the core. While the principal arm sets core size in the forming chamber, with a diameter of up to 90 cm, the secondary arm automatically compensates the tension of the other straps. Pressure in the chamber is applied only after the size of the tender core has been set. The main strap tensioner hydraulic cylinders apply the pressure required by the operator to the subsequent layers to give the bale the density, weight and compactness needed. All these options are managed by a standard equipment electronic system controlled from the cab.

Shuttle Premium is a three-axle slurry tank trailer for the professional management of digestate and manuer with a high load capacity, a feature of all the models in the Shuttle line. The three-axle Premium is equipped with two correction steering and a braking correction system giving the tank trailer great maneuverability for road transport as well as in the field for spreading. Moreover, the three-point hitch is compatible with various types of equipment making it possible to spread the slurry and bury it for soil preparation with a single passage. The industrial round section axles are equipped with

420x180 mm drum brakes to guarantee maximum safety during transport at high speeds and with a full load and ample surface ensures reduced braking distance and lower maintenance.

The Runner Premium is a dumper trailer ideal for the road transport of great volumes of shredded materials. This is a professional dumper model with three-axle steering equipped with a robust tubular steel frame as well as correction steering and braking for optimizing maneuverability and the safety of the trailer.  


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