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Terremoto 2, heavy duty cultivator

by the editorial staff
February 2022 | Back

Reduction of field passages, lower fuel consumption, greater working speed and hourly yields. These are just some of the advantages of Terremoto 2, the new anchor cultivator produced by Maschio Gaspardo. Designed by the technicians of the Venetian company to be combined with low-power tractors, the new model of the Paduan company (based in Campodarsego) prepares the seedbed with a single pass, reducing the overall footprint to the benefit of stability during work and transport. The fixed frame, towed, has two rows of anchors that are adjustable in inclination to correctly set the desired aggressiveness of the work. The shear bolt safety system is standard but, thanks to the NO STOP system (the spring comes into operation with thrusts on the tip exceeding 450 kilos), Terremoto 2 is able to operate even on heavy ground. The working parts consist of 90 mm tips and 470 mm side fins that allow a uniform working depth of up to 25 cm.

The curved baffle design (located on top) allows optimal mixing of soil and crop residues. The central section consists of a row of 510 mm discs arranged in a staggered manner and placed on silent blocks, which perform the function of levelling the ground, burying the residue and closing any furrows. The staggered arrangement provides consistent flow even with a significant amount of residue, on both dry and wet soils. The rear final section consists of a mechanically adjustable roller that is available in four different types: ring, U-shaped, cage or double cage. The latter, thanks to the different rotation speed of the two rollers due to the different diameters (460 mm and 430 mm), is particularly effective in reducing clods. The pivoting system, finally, allows to follow uniformly the profile of the ground.


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