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Performance and versatility from Maschio tillers

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2016 | Back

Wide range, diversification, and high product specialization distinguish the Maschio range for soil cultivation. There are several cutting-edge models in the harrow and rototiller segment. Aquila Rapido Plus (from 4 to 6 m) is a folding harrow with 4 rotors per metre (effective tilling in a single pass) with a double case frame and hardened steel bearings, which provide reliability under various working conditions (two camshafts protect the transmission from excessive stresses). The quick-release device for the teeth combined with the rotors’ stone protection system – both standard features – reduce the need for machine maintenance, thus optimizing its operating cycles. However, performance is not the only highlight of Aquila Rapido Plus, which is also worthy of note for its ergonomics, with the ability to set the working depth from within the cabin and to vary the size of the soil clumps through the containment bale between the roller and the rotors. Drago Dc is a fixed harrow (from 2.5 to 3 m) with double box frame and rotors with increased section, suitable for open fields, vineyards or garden crops. As explained by the company in a technical note, this machine is prized for its compactness and versatility, and the quality of its workmanship. In the rototiller segment, the spotlight is on “Puma” (from 3.3 to 4.8 m), a high performance, sturdy and reliable folding application. Designed for medium to large farms, “Puma” allows you to prepare very refined seedbeds; it is available with either a standard rotor for medium soils, or with a “Cobra” rotor for tougher soils. Also in the rototiller field, we highlight the ultra-compact fixed model “B” (from 1.6 to 2.5 m) suitable for professional uses and also available in a Super version (560 mm expanded rotor and reinforced steel flanges) for the toughest soils. Fitted with 6 blades per flange (for optimal honing), the rototiller is able to reach the depth of 27 cm without the risk of clogging (thanks to the broad clearance of the frame), with high-level performance even in the presence of residues.


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