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Model Farm, a partnership dedicated to productivity

by Giovanni M. Losavio
June 2018 | Back

Model Farm is the name of a project launched by Maschio Gaspardo to create strong synergies with companies in the primary sector through a full immersion into products of the Paduan company. It is no coincidence that the watchword chosen by the Group for this initiative is “growing together”, a motto that describes very well the spirit behind the project. The basic objective pursued by the Paduan company with this initiative is to work with farms from the testing phase on new products to the fielding, to enhance the work experience with the Maschio Gaspardo brand machines and make the most of their potential. The initiative kicked off on April 11 at Villafranca Padovana, at the headquarters of the Zilio Farm, specialized among other things in the biogas and breeding segments. The launch was impressive, with a convoy of agricultural machinery that covered the distance between the Maschio Gaspardo plant in Campodarsego and Villafranca Padovana, led by John Deere tractors. The Giraffa mulcher and the Palma brushcutter arm are followed by the Debora Pro T mower, the Golia Pro 2H double rotary rake, and by the Toro and Jumbo harrows. The convoy rightfully includes the Renata Isotronic, MTR and Pinta seeders, the Teko pulverizer and the Extreme 365 round baler. The front row featured the Unico XL plow and the Artiglio Magnum subsoiler. These are just some of the Maschio Gaspardo models purchased by the Veneto farm and included in the Model Farm project. Saying it with the words of the two companies, this already represents an important added value for the respective areas of specialized production.


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