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Maschio Gaspardo, high tech solutions for processing

Seeders, ploughs and atomizers are just some of the types of products that Maschio Gaspardo presents at EIMA International. Particular anticipation for the new seeders equipped with Chrono element, which arrive in Bologna after their debut in Hannover

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Chrono. An launched at Agritechnica, Chrono is presented to the general public of Eima International mounted on two frames that will lead it to debut on a standard machine. Chrono is characterized by the new aluminium dosage dispenser, which is fully electric.  The seed is contained inside a chamber and an alveolate disk spins beside it. The seed is pushed on the disk so that once it leaves the chamber, it is pushed into a pneumatic conveying device that deposits it on the ground at high speed (it is monitored by a photocell under the chamber), while the disk cover made of soft rubber (self-cleaning) sets the seed exactly where it falls. “The Chrono system - explains Maschio Gaspardo with a technical note - attracts the seed by depression and then transfers it thanks to a powerful flow of air directly in the sowing furrow. Using this technology, we were able to reduce transport times and to standardize the trajectory of the seeds along their path”.

Minimax. It is a volumetric dispenser designed to accurately dose the product without damaging it, thanks to the silicone rubber metering roller and the convenient discharge mouth which considerably reduces the problem of clogging. The plastic material prevents oxidation and ensures that no lubrication is required.

Primo. The spreader signed by Maschio Gaspardo is offered in two versions: Primo M with manual adjustment and Primo EW with electronic weighing adjustment and management. The heart of the machine is the distribution system, consisting of a roto-vibrating head that directs the fertilizer towards the drop point without breaking the product. The distributed quantity is managed by a double gate system. The first one regulates the dose to be distributed, the second one rapidly opens and closes the fall duct to keep product losses in check at headlands and while manoeuvring. The fall hole has a three-lobed shape for a more uniform distribution. It is possible to anticipate or postpone the fertilizer drop point on the disk to vary the area and spreading width.

Unico. It is a complete range of durable and reliable ploughs - Unico XS, S, M Classic Line, M, L, Unico XL inside/outside furrow and Mirco - designed to meet all soil processing needs. The Unico XL Fuorisolco model is equipped with an extensible frame and is suitable for medium/high power tractors. It is available with a number of bodies ranging from 3+1 to 6, with a bolt-type safety system and mechanical (STEP) or continuous hydraulic (VARIO) adjustment of the working width.  It comes with a sturdy 160 x 160 x 10 mm frame, with burrs measuring 80 x 35 mm (the distance between the bodies is 105 or 115), with reinforced chisel supports and with a hooking plate for the addition of a supplementary body. The HD version is equipped with reinforced burrs (90 x 40 mm), 15 mm baffle plates and is characterized by a 90 cm ground clearance. Unico XL allows to pass from in-furrow ploughing (it facilitates burying fertilizer) to out-of-furrow ploughing (it avoids the formation of soles).

Tempo Ultra. The new Gaspardo Maschio mounted sprayer comes with large 1,300, 1,600 or 2,000 litre tanks while being small in size, ideal characteristics for medium-large farms with fractionated plots. Tempo Ultra can work with 21, 24 and 27 metre distribution bars. “The ALA 400 bar - states the Venetian company - is hydraulic, has the function of locking the automatic leveling pendulum, and offers the possibility of manual leveling and with variable geometries”. The closing sequence of the wings is also performed simultaneously, first by closing the various sections of the bar, then operating the geometries that bring the bar vertically to the transport position, and finally lowering the lifter to hook the wings safely. Moreover, Tempo Ultra is compatible with the variable dosage technology, which optimizes protection treatments according to need.



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