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Performance and strength for Maschio Gaspardo ploughs

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2022 | Back

The Unico plough is one of the flagships of the Maschio Gaspardo range. It is a tractor-mounted model, equipped with the Smooth set parallelogram system and has - depending on the version - a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 bodies.

The strong point of this machine is its Smooth set technology which, in addition to reducing stress on the frame and headstock, allows the first body to be adjusted even when the machine is moving, without having to change the tractor's trajectory. The use of high-strength construction materials (Hardox and Strenx steels) for the points most subject to mechanical stress, as well as the bolted frame without welding, make the Unico plough a particularly hard-wearing working tool.

Other pluses of the Unico include the new interchangeable fixed header, thanks to which it is possible to switch easily between different types of connection (cat. II, III N, III and IV), and the modular frame that allows an additional working body to be added, thus optimising daily output and machine performance. In the plough segment, the Veneto-based manufacturer also offers the Mirco semi-mounted model, available in in- and out-of-furrow configurations from 6 to 9 bodies.

Unlike Unico, Mirco is not equipped with a parallelogram but with a central adjusting rod, mechanical or hydraulic, that creates a triangular structure ensuring the discharge of forces directly on the rear wheel. Thanks to this particular construction solution, the Padua-based company has succeeded in stiffening the geometry of the frame, avoiding flexing and improving the resistance of the entire structure during ploughing.

The working width can be adjusted mechanically (Passo version), using the step by step system, or hydraulically (Vario version) with a continuously adjustable system.  Both models, Unico and Mirco, are available with a mechanical shear bolt safety system, or with the Non stop system (Nsh) equipped with both hydraulic preload jacks and shear bolt on the hulls, specifically developed for tough soils.



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