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New Maschio Gaspardo models for quality soil preparation

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris for Sima with a wide range of new machines. Maschio Gaspardo flagship disc cultivators for soil preparation and seeding models all designed to ensure top flight performance and optimum yields

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January - February 2017 | Back

Leading off in the Maschio Gaspardo exhibition area at the  Sima Agribusiness Show is the Gigante Pressure pneumatic seed drill for direct seeding of cereals, no-tillage planting into sod. The trailed seed drill is equipped with an updated centralized distributor and pneumatic delivery for durability and highly efficient performance. Each independent planting unit is dampened with a disc spring and another for the independent seed press wheel to allow the machine to adapt to the harshness of the soil with precision to ensure uniform depth of the seeds and correct sprouting of the plant. Moreover, great pressure of up to 250 kg per unit can be applied to the soil thanks to the 4 or 6 meter frame to greatly limit the tractor power requirement. To get maximum sprouting of the plant the Gigante Pressure is equipped with a dual seed/fertilizer distribution system with interchangeable dousing rollers, the hopper has a 3,400 liter capacity, 60% seed and 40% fertilizer, and is pressurized for an excellent distribution of the product and designed to guarantee lengthy autonomy for operations.

Veloce is a compact lightweight short disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation by burying stubble down to 8 or 12 cm. The 510 mm discs in special hardened steel are arranged on two rows with opposing disc direction at angles enabling sharp cuts of the soil, excellent mixing at slow speed and prevent clogging of soil or crop residues. The supports are designed to improve ground clearance between the frame and the components to provide greater elasticity of the supports and facilitate the flow of soil also on the inside of the disc. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with four rubber dampeners which absorb all vertical stresses and require no recurring greasing as alternative systems do. The rigid redesigned frame ensures greater resistance to stress and features wide spacing of 800 mm between the rows. Located on the ends of the front and rear disc rows are two plates which can be regulated for controlling the flow of soil and residues to avoid straying off the soil worked. The Veloce versions with working widths of greater than three meters and hydraulic frame folding can be configured for mounting or trailed. The wheels on the trailed models are mounted between the rear disc row and roller to the center of gravity of the machine and facilitate maneuvers in the field and on the road. The trailed versions are also equipped with an integrated two-point to facilitate hitching. 

Corona XForce is a versatile, and high yield seed drill combination designed to reduce the cost of non-tillage or direct seeding operations. The Corona XForce is equipped with high tech disc tillage rows and a 1050 mm rubber roller mounted on a reinforced seed unit bar with a Silent Block device making it possible to for the components to adapt to all work conditiong. The 3,500 liter hopper is designed to guarantees high working range before refilling which is quick and easy and the Gaspardo distribution system provides precision planting and reliable performance in the most demanding conditions. Moreover, the aggressive front disc row ensures a fine soil mix and burying any residues on the soil surface. In summary, the Corona XForce is an ideal implement for medium size to extensive field operations requiring great performance and high quality work.


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