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Agroenergies in the spotlight, with a new dedicated Salon

During this edition of Agrilevante, the Salon AgriforenergyMed devoted to bioenergies attracted attention

by the editorial staff
october/november 2013 | Back

Among the events hosted in the Salon the workshop "Innovative Machinery for the Production of Biomass Energy" including a visit to the Crispiano (Taranto) Biomass Plant, were worth mentioning.

With the visit to Taranto's biomass plant, Enama offered a significant preview on "Let's Visit Agroenergies", an educational initiative that from October 21 to 27 will open the doors to 22 biomass plants all over the country.

The focus on agroenergies continued with the workshop, in cooperation with Aiel "Mini-cogeneration of Biomass Solids. Incentive Systems and Proposals for the Market" followed by the conference "Biogas as a Resource beyond Electricity Production in Mediterranean Agriculture" sponsored by the Italian Biomass Consortium.

The workshop "Biogas South. Sustainable Enterprise Models for Southern Italy" had a prominent role, as well as the meetings sponsored by Aiel (Italian Association for the Agroforestal Energies) "Mediterranean Agricultural Biomass: norms, quality, production, purchasing and selling" and "Use of Crop Biomass Typical of the Mediterranean for Energy Purposes". Among the initiatives sponsored by Aiel, the meeting "Mediterranean Forest Biomass.

Guidelines for Use in Southern Italy" was worth mentioning. During Agrilevante, the association highlighted Puglia's great potential in the sector of biomass. Aiel believes that the region could use up to 400,000 tons of dry residues from the cultivation of vineyards, fruit, olive groves and woods for electricity production. Olive cultivation alone could produce 150,000 tons of residues (about one third of the total) amounting to 900,000 Mwh.

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