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Biomethane, an emerging sector

All the premises are in place in Italy for substantially reducing imports of natural gas of fossil origin. The production of bio-methane from organic solid wastes of agricultural and integrated crop origins is promising opportunities for curbing climate changing emissions, creating new jobs and fostering growth and innovation in agriculture and industry
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Agroenergies do not have to pay income tax rebates

Article 22 of the Decree Law no 66 dated April 24, aims to modify the income taxation deriving from the production and sale of renewable energies – agroforestry and photovoltaic systems – in order to raise funds for the €80 increase in the salaries of many Italians. For agricultural entrepreneurs it will imply a remarkable increase in taxation, putting at risk the stability of their companies

"Let's visit agroenergies": educational activities of the Enama Project

A rich programme of visits to biomass plants took place in October, as part of a wide project for the development of bioenergies carried out by the Italian authority for agricultural mechanization. Technicians, students and journalists visited 22 biomass plants situated in 8 regions

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