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Fiera di Savigliano: story of the land worth telling

New and used agricultural machinery and equipment, biotechnologies, awards for new techniques and practices for sustainable agriculture and meetings on specific issues all coming together at the Fiera di Savigliano to continue the trade fair's narrative of farming from tradition to innovation

by Patrizia Menicucci
February 2014 | Back

The 33rd edition of the National Agricultural Mechanization Fair in Savigliano is slated for 14 to 16 March in the city in the Piedmont Region, an event which has evolved over the years while maintaining strong links between the trade fair and the surrounding territory. There are more than 22,600 farming enterprises at work in the area on various cultivations, from fruit and cereals and livestock raising plus the production of 37 DOC (controlled designation of origin) and seven DOCG (controlled designation of origin guaranteed) wines and eight DOP (designation of origin protected) and IGP(Indication Géographique Protégée) food items as well as important manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment. The upcoming event is set for the Borgo Marene trade fair center with 46,000 m² of exposition area to host 350 exhibitors divided into four theme areas for as many as the 60,000 visitors, the number of arrivals for the 2013 edition, or more. The New Agricultural Machinery section is set aside for cultivation, plant treatment, harvesting crops, irrigation, livestock management and groundskeeping for parks and gardens and will also will also bring in components and mechanical parts. The Used Agricultural Machinery sector is dedicated to all types of used agricultural machinery and equipment up for sale by 25 specialized companies. Another area is focused on Tractors and Tractor Specialists to include an exhibition of vintage models staged by the Association of Friends of Historic Vehicles, a group of farmers, professionals and other enthusiasts formed in 2010 to testify to the past of these machines and narrate their history. The Eco Tech sector, now entering its 6th edition, is a 1,000 m² area allocated for showcasing all the opportunities offered by renewable energy sources plus an outside space for demonstration trials of green machinery and technologies. A series ofpreview meeting will be held in the run-up to the exposition to include a roundtable discussion on The Future of Agricultural Mechanization organized by Arproma in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese in nearby Cuneo, Enama (the National Agricultural Mechanization Agency) and Cnr Imamoter for 7 March, and the 3rd edition of Giornata Provinziale (Provincial Days) on meteorology with the title Meteorology from Global to Local – Understanding Weather Forecasting for Safe Living scheduled for 8 March. On the schedule for the days of the exposition is a meeting on the Green Economy and repercussions on sustainable agricultural earnings with the political figure Ermete Realacci and journalist Alessandro Cecchi Paone taking part. On the same Green Economy issue another meeting is set for 15 March for the presentation of the second report on green technology innovation completed by the Fondazione Symbola per le Qualità Italiane working in collaboration the Coldiretti farmers' association and the Savigliano Exposition Agency under the aegis of the Ministry for Agriculture and the Environment. The presentation will be followed by the award of prizes for sustainable innovation in the agricultural sector going to three Italian companies tapped by the jury in recognition of their especially distinctive applications of virtuous and efficient methods resulting in position fallout for productivity and the environment. Another competition, for New Techniques, is sponsored by CNR-Imamoter for manufacturers intending to raise the profile of their machinery, equipment and components built with construction or function innovations or are ideal for introducing mechanical progress in the sector of agriculture. The winners will be announced during the trade fair. Among the sponsors of the Savigliano exposition are the Merlo and Capello companies and one of the institutions taking part is FederUnacoma, the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, with the federation organ, Mondo Macchina/Machinery World, with representatives on hand for assistance for member companies and providing documentation on the federation's activities.


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