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MAG 2023, agricultural machinery in the spotlight

Farmer Fair is the claim of the exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanisation that the Fondazione Ente Manifestazioni Savigliano has been organising since the early 1980s in the Cuneo area - historically devoted to agricultural work in the plains, hills and mountains - with the aim of presenting the best technologies available on the market to those working in the sector

Savigliano, a renewed success

Over the years, the Savigliano fair on agricultural mechanization, keeps establishing itself as an important sector event. At the heart of the Piedmonts fair, the most innovative products are displayed, with a particular focus on digital technology for quality productions. Competitions, B2B meetings, and thematic in-depth studies have completed the overall picture of the event, held in a region that has several agricultural machinery manufacturers

The guiding themes of the Savigliano exhibition

In addition to the exhibition part, the most topical issues are at centre stage at the Piedmontese agricultural event, now in its 37th edition. In the foreground, the theme of environmental sustainability and the innovations introduced in the sector by the Mother Regulation. The spotlight is on the Technical Innovation Competition and on a rich calendar of cultural initiatives linked to the world of agricultural machinery

Savigliano, technologies for outstanding productions

Agricultural trade fairs in Italy continue to be important occasions to an exchange of information and updating for both professional and amateur farmers and give a wide audience the chance to visit places rich of art and history, with great...

Technologies and events at the Savigliano exhibition

Agricultural mechanization a leading player in Savigliano, near Cuneo, at the trade fair marking its 35th edition. New Techniques competition, B2B meetings and a heavy schedule on farming incomes, irrigation and precision farming issues. Type approval and new norms for circulation of vintage tractors

The Savigliano fair: the innovation in agriculture

Italy's first springtime trade fair featuring agricultural machinery is the Savigliano Fair staged for the past 33 years in the Province of Cuneo. The exposition brings together new and used machinery and equipment, vintage tractors and bio-energy systems. Also on the agenda are a new technologies competition and conferences to round out the event dedicated to professionals in agriculture and the general public

Fiera di Savigliano: story of the land worth telling

New and used agricultural machinery and equipment, biotechnologies, awards for new techniques and practices for sustainable agriculture and meetings on specific issues all coming together at the Fiera di Savigliano to continue the trade fair's narrative of farming from tradition to innovation

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