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Agriculture in Argentina, a technological challenge

The primary sector has a fundamental role in the economy of the country, even if a large part of its immense territory does not have the soil and climatic conditions favourable to cultivation. Innovative technologies, such as those relating to precision agriculture, are gradually finding space, and the demand for agricultural machinery is potentially very high, also for specialized crops and fruit and vegetables

Expoagro, Italian component manufacturers in Argentina

The 2020 edition of Expoagro, an Argentine exhibition dedicated to agriculture and mechanization, includes the participation of six Italian companies specialized in the components segment. The collective organized by the Italian Trade Agency and by FederUnacoma

Engines ready for Expoagro 2019

Over the years, Expoagro has continued to represent a point of reference in Argentina for the trade in agricultural machinery and equipment. This is edition thirteen of an event that includes large spaces for demonstration tests next to the static exhibition, and is attended by the major world players. Eleven Italian companies are members of the collective organized by ICE Agency in collaboration with FederUnacoma

Arag: new factory in Argentina

Arag in Rubiera in the Reggio Emilia Province, specializing in the manufacture of spraying accessories and the field of precision farming, inaugurated a new factory in Argentina in March. Taking part in the ceremony marking the opening of the plant,...
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Italy-Argentina: a comprehensive cooperation

The presence of enterprises and traders of the Italian agricultural mechanization in Expoagro in Argentina, and the institutional relationships developed by FederUnacoma with South American partners are aimed at strengthening business relations between the two countries, in a crucial moment like this, characterized by a strong recovery of the Argentine market

Expoagro, many innovations from Argentina

The latest innovation introduced by Expoagro, the largest Argentinian trade fair is without any doubt the new permanent site of San Nicolas in the province of Buenos Aires that, from this edition on, will turn the travelling exhibition into a...

Expoagro: mechanization for the universe Argentina

The Argentinian exhibition Expoagro allows thousands of visitors to experience the most recent technological innovations for agricultural production and to evaluate their efficiency and performance thanks to many dynamic demonstrations, with the machines as main characters

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