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EIB initiative for agriculture and bioeconomy

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is jointly controlled by EU countries. Its purpose is to increase the European potential in terms of jobs and growth and to support initiatives to mitigate climate change and promote EU policies outside its borders....

Carraro, turnover grows to 624 million

Turnover at 624 million, up 3% on 2017, but EBITDA down 5.8% (51.9 million compared to 55). This is what emerges from the 2018 financial statements of Carraro spa approved at the beginning of April by the shareholders’ meeting. “The...

Agri App and financial inclusion, the new paths of development in Africa

The development of applications for electronic devices is a very important support for African farmers and traders. Presentation of goods, their placement on target markets, and the dissemination of information on the most appropriate cultivation techniques are all functions made possible thanks to the "apps", among which Zazu Africa stands out for effectiveness. Thanks to IT media, crowdfunding platforms are also under development. The practical advantages are coupled with the social aspects: information sharing and the creation of community is particularly in tune with the culture of African communities
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Capital goods for SME: the new Sabatini Law

The plafond of funds made available to small and medium-size enterprises in Italy under the new Sabatini Law comes to 2.5 billion euro for financing acquisitions of machinery, plant and brand new digital technologies

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