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Vita in Campagna Garden Show: green light in Monza

Everything for gardening fans and technicians at the only event in Italy where, in a unique garden of over 6 hectares of the Agricultural School of the Monza park, you can see and try gardening equipment in operation. The schedule includes free specialized courses and unprecedented demos by the Tree climbers, the green acrobats

Life in the country: the event of the "small agriculture"

Whatever your reason for spending your leisure time outdoors in the garden or countryside – a little extra income, produce for your family, healthy life activity in the open or just a hobby – the Life in the Country Fair in Montichiari (Fiera Vita in Campagna di Montichiari) in the province of Brescia, has a host of ideas and information on how to realise them

Vita in Campagna: enthusiasts of agriculture

The appointment for hobby farmers in Montichiari, in the Province of Brescia, is set for 21 to 23 March for the 4th edition of the Life in the Countryside Fair. The outing is sponsored by the magazine Vita in Campagna...

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