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Improved durability for Firestone's Performer Extra

Firestone brings to market the new Performer Extra tyre, characterized by a long lifespan. Thanks to the experience gained with the Performer 85 and 70, the US company has created Performer Extra, a tyre with a special compound that improves...

Firestone Traction 65 with a new footprint

The Firestone tire manufacturer in the Bridgestone Group is presenting the new Maxi Traction 65 model at the Agritechnica agricultural exhibition. The new tire has 11% deeper lugs than its previous model and  has wider lugs and wider tyre width,...

Maxi Traction 65, the long life tire by Firestone

Maxi Traction 65 is the name of the new agricultural tire from Firestone, in Bridgestone Europe, with an innovative wider and deeper lug design and a wider tire width providing larger contact area and a longer lifespan for the tire....

New Firestone Performer Row Crop

Outstanding among the new products brought to Agritechnica in Hanover by Bridgestone was the Performer Row Crop tire series by Firestone, in the Bridgestone Group, designed for mounting on sprayer machinery. The techniques applied by the Japanese group were perfected...

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