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Firestone Traction 65 with a new footprint

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

The Firestone tire manufacturer in the Bridgestone Group is presenting the new Maxi Traction 65 model at the Agritechnica agricultural exhibition. The new tire has 11% deeper lugs than its previous model and  has wider lugs and wider tyre width, designed for a larger ground contact area to ensure a longer life for the tire. These advantages apply on the road where the longer lugs and larger lug overlap increase wear resistance. The lug design for enlarging the contact surface also provides great self-cleaning. The Maxi Traction 65 enables the operator to also cover more ground faster and more economically while the tread design ensures more comfory in the driver’s seat, an important factor for modern tractors which are often heavy and fast and able to cover great distances overland and in the field.  With the launch of this new tire Firestone is expanding the Maxi Traction range built for medium size tractors. The Maxi Traction 65 joins such tires now in production as the Maxi Traction for larger and more powerful tractors and the Maxi Traction IF (Improved Flexion) with a softer footprint to reduce compaction for tractors with great load capacities. 

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