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Anno 2020 Numero 7-9

July - August - September 2020

Improved durability for Firestone's Performer Extra

Firestone brings to market the new Performer Extra tyre, characterized by a long lifespan. Thanks to the experience gained with the Performer 85 and 70, the US company has created Performer Extra, a tyre with a special compound that improves its durability to wear and extends its lifespan (according to data provided by the manufacturer, +20% compared to previous models). Durability over time also makes it a product with a better environmental impact, but it is not the only particular characteristic of the Performer Extra. It also has an improved ability to grip the ground and traction, due to the particular design of the tread called “dual-angel” (double inclination of the cleats). The tread is also self-cleaning, while the flexible tread reduces soil compaction and improves handling and comfort on the road. Firestone Performer Extra, developed in Bridgestone’s European Research and Development Centre in Italy and produced at Bridgestone’s plant in Puente San Miguel in Spain, is launched on the European market in 43 different sizes, from 20 to 42 inches. Since the Performer and Performer Extra lineups maintain the same sizes, they are compatible both on the same vehicle and on the same axle. Like its predecessors, Performer Extra can be adapted to most tractors used in agriculture.

by Emanuele Bredice

Keywords: Firestone

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