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Anno 2016 Numero 7-9

July - August - September 2016

Maxi Traction 65, the long life tire by Firestone

Maxi Traction 65 is the name of the new agricultural tire from Firestone, in Bridgestone Europe, with an innovative wider and deeper lug design and a wider tire width providing larger contact area and a longer lifespan for the tire. On transferring these advantages to the road, Lothar Schmitt, Director Agricultural and Off-the-Road tires, Bridgestone Europe commented, “This new Firestone tread design with deeper, wider and longer lugs extends Maxi Traction 65 tire life and reliability significantly, giving agricultural operators lower cost per hour.” The longer life of the Maxi Traction 65 comes with no compromise in traction. Thanks to Firestone’s unique patented Dual Angle Lug Design, Maxi Traction 65 ensures reliable, steady performance boosting traction by at least 4% compared to standard agricultural tires. Combined with the extra-long lug, larger contact patch and efficient self-cleaning, Maxi Traction 65 allows operators to cover more ground faster for savings and resources. With the arrival of the Maxi Traction 65, Firestone is extending the tried and tested Maxi Traction tread pattern to the 65 series to join Maxi Traction tires for large, high horsepower tractors and Maxi Traction IF (Improved Flexion) for extra load capacity and reduced soil compaction.

by the editorial staff

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