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Anno 2017 Numero 3-4

March - April 2017

The new VT-COMBINE tires by Bridgestone

Greater load capacity, excellent traction, larger tread footprint, great durability, less soil compaction and comfort for the operator are the key features of the new VT-COMBINE tires introduced by Bridgestone.

Designed for cyclic field operations, the VT-COMBINE with Improved Flexion and higher load capacity provides a 20% load increase compared to standard tires.

The new Bridgestone tire also offers maximum speed of 15 km/h compared to 10 km/h with the standard tire for optimizing the time needed for an important harvesting cycle. Gianni Grigatti, the Off-The-Road Bridgestone Europe South Region agricultural sales manager, reported, “During the harvest season farmers are working under pressure to bring in maximum yields in a short time. And this is why we are enthusiastic about launching this new tire, revolutionary in the agricultural sector.

The VT-COMBINE was tested on three continents over three seasons and gave optimum results. Combining high load capacity and lower pressure with a more ample footprint on the soil, in line with the vigorous IF CFO standard, the Bridgestone VT-COMBINE allows farmers to reduce compaction of the soil to the minimum and facilitate work in all conditions.” The VT-COMBINE was designed especially to cope with all conditions by ensuring excellent traction and stability, even on extremely hilly fields.

Thanks to IF, the VT-COMBINE can use lower inflation pressure for a load bonus of 55% (standard IF CFO).

Moreover, the new tire features include robust reinforced casing, flexible sidewalls, the new S-LINE, a very robust new bead profile which ensures durability under extreme conditions, and a longer bar and lugs which made it possible to eliminate the steel radial belt to ensure less impact on the soil and greater resistance to facilitate maintenance.  

by the editorial staff

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