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Anno 2015 Numero 1-2

January/February 2015

Agrimax Sirio, BKT tires for heavy duty operations

BKT is planning a stylish debut for their new Agrimax Sirio tires at the upcoming SIMA International Agri-Business Show in Paris. In two sizes, 710/70 R 38 and 540/65 R 38, the Agrimax Sirios are arriving to join the the best selling Agrimax Force, to be showcased in the IF 710/75 R 42 size for high power tractors of beyond 250 Hp, and the Agrimax Spargo in the size VF380/85 R 38, built for sprayers and row crop operations. A technical communique released by BKT reported that the manufacturer’s new tire is designed for large tread contact and low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption for tractors at work in highly demanding conditions and heavy trailers. The new  Agrimax Sirio also ensures great lateral stability, excellent steering response and good alignment to enhance driver comfort. The Indian tire manufacturer’s stand will also spotlight their Ridemax range represented by the IT 696 model in the 480/80 R 38 size featuring the All Steel radial construction synonymous with rigidity, stability and a tread design making them suitable for any terrain at speeds up to 65 km/h. Other outstanding features of the Ridemax tires are their self-cleaning tread ability called on when moving from the open field to road travel and low rolling resistance for lowering fuel consumption. The Flotation range, on the other hand, is BKT’s low pressure answer to the problem of soil compaction with tires for trailers ideal for use in the field and on the road while guaranteeing great maneuverability and cornering stability on all types of terrain thanks to their special tread design. Coming up for display at the SIMA show are three Flotation models, the FL 630 ULTRA in the size 600/55 R 26.5, the FL 693 M in the size 500/50 R 17 and the FL 630 SUPER in the size 750/60 R 26.5.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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