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FL 695, the long-life tyre from BKT

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

BKT is adding the FL 695 to its range of tyres, designed by the Indian group's engineers for the agro-industrial sector, in particular for trailers used in construction work and agricultural transport.

The new radial tyre, offered in size 650/55 R 26.5, has high resistance capabilities - the manufacturer explains in a technical note - thanks to the special compound used in the manufacturing process and the robust casing with multi-layered steel cords that prevent punctures. The FL 695 also stands out for its tread design, with a central block profile, which ensures - the Mumbai-based company claims - strength and stability even with heavy loads. Another winning feature of the tread is its depth, which not only optimises self-cleaning during road and field operations, but also extends the product's life cycle over time.

The new FL 695 tyre therefore extends a range that is already very rich and diversified, according to a precise strategic choice by the Indian manufacturer. Indeed, BKT has always focused on the development of highly specialised technologies, designed to meet the specific work requirements that users face in their daily activities. Using a tyre designed for specific work requirements - explains BKT - reduces its rolling resistance and prevents it from wearing out prematurely.



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