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New product from Bargam bound for the Verona trade fair

by the editorial staff
January 2014 | Back

Bargam is coming to Fieragricola 2014 with a new model of a sprayer bearing unique power and flexibility provided by the mechanical dropped axle combined with a variable wheelbase created and patented by Bargam, the really new features of the machine. The fully updated versions of the self-propelled multifunctional V-Track carriers enable the operator to perform all the operations required in intensive vineyards and olive groves deploying a single machine and the self-propelled super-light Junior 600-900 is especially suited for work on vegetable crops and on difficult terrain. The Bargam project has made it possible for the manufacturer to combine, for the first time, all the functions with a single axle and on only one self-propelled carrier while achieving high capacity and sturdy construction. Built for mounting a wide range of pneumatic tools, the V-Track single axle carrier is variable thanks an axle made of two telescopic sections, an electrohydraulic control operated from the drivers seat and CPU control mechanics which block dangerous movements. Visitors to the Bargam stand at the Verona trade fair can also take in the V-Track viticulture harvester with an articulated frame and self-leveling especially ideal for work on steep slopes and featuring a width of only 2.5 meters for road transport. Other strong points built into this machine are the ease and speed of a few minutes for removing the harvesting head and the unloading height raised to 320 cm. The articulated frame and cruise control make it possible to achieve precise alignment in the rows to heighten the quality of the yield. Junior, the lightweight self-propelled machine, is the third but no less important new product to consider. With four wheel drive and steering and weight at only 1.3 tons, the Junior is well suited for operations on vegetable crops and on such difficult terrain as rice paddies. The machine's height is a mere 2.5 meters meaning that it can be deployed in tunnels and the telescopic bar can be regulated for various work widths.  

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