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EPA 2.0, the high tech of the CIMA range

by Gicomo Di Paola
March - April 2021 | Back

EPA 2.0 technology makes its debut at CIMA, to be implemented in the range of sprayers of the Lombardy-based company (based in Montù Beccaria, near Pavia). EPA 2.0 - an acronym for Proportional Advancement Delivery - is a system developed to keep the amount of mixture (litres per hectare) constant as the speed of the tractor changes, as measured by a GPS antenna. The device is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows the user to set the working parameters and to monitor in real time with control alerts all the data on the treatments in progress.

Thanks to EPA 2.0, once the operating settings have been defined (dose of mixture to be distributed, forward speed, width and number of treated rows) the machine is able to manage treatments independently. The interface provides access to a wide range of useful information for the programmed treatments; among these are the instantaneous application rate (litres per hectare), the working pressure and the actual forward speed. The device designed by the Montù Beccaria company can also be used to monitor in real time the number of processed hectares, the quantity of mixture used and the residual quantity still available in the tank.

EPA 2.0” - states the Pavia-based manufacturer in a statement - is the technological solution that guarantees the operator a high production yield while reducing operating costs and simplifying the treatment, gaining in effectiveness and eco-sustainability.

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