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Baby TRB, technological sprayer signed Bertoni

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2016 | Back

From the Ravenna company Bertoni (the headquarters are in Castel Bolognese) comes a new tunnel sprayer of the “Arcobaleno” series. This is the Baby TRB dual-row towed model (with a 1,000 litre tank), which represents an evolution of the dual-row towed sprayer and which is specifically designed to work in vineyards with narrow row spacing distance (from 1.40 to 2 metres). Towed by the tractor, the new application developed by Bertoni is equipped with a double tilting axis adjustable in width, thanks to which the machine not only acquires greater stability, but is able to contain the phenomenon of soil compaction. From the constructive point of view, Baby TRB has two membrane pumps in line - the first serves for dispensing the product, for mixing, and for services, the second is used for recovery of the product - and with a particular reference to the brushless generator (very compact size, to keep under control the overall dimensions) in charge of delivering low-voltage electrical current to the electric impellers inside the panels. The arrangement of the electric impellers allows on one hand to exploit the flow for pushing/supporting the delivered product, and on the other to use the suction to recover it, thus creating a vortex of air on the row that ensures optimal penetration and uniform distribution of the treatment. The positioning system of the panels is automatic: just enter your work measurements and press a button to position the panels at the correct working height. Moreover, as explained by the manufacturer with a technical note, the electric system of the Baby TRB is characterized by a low environmental impact as it has a power demand of only 10 horsepower, which results in a drastic decrease of the consumption of diesel fuel and, consequently, in an equally considerable reduction of waste to be disposed of. The dosing system is also innovative, calculated based on the size of the vegetation and no longer based on the area in hectares to be treated, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment, reducing significantly the quantity employed.



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